I will miss you, Dubai.

The view from the plane when one leaves dubai. :)

And sharjah. And the whole of UAE. 

Yes, I cannot believe myself but I'm so going to miss this place. Of course, it has its own flaws and I never really liked living here but now that I see it, I was comfortable here. 

It's going to be a while before I get used to the fact that there won't be:

1. A mosquito free zone.

2. A friday as a weekend. 

3. A sunday as a working day.

4. A place where air conditioning serves you EVERYWHERE except the roads. 

5. A place with only two phone companies. No confusion about package deals. 

6. A cafeteria serving Lebanese food and Arabic breads. SHAWERMA <3 I'm going to miss you. 

7. A rented place but feels like home. 

8. A sky with alien birds and the excitement of seeing crows for the first time. 

9. A polished city with zig zag bridges. 

10. A road which takes you for a ride as if you're on a plane. 

11. A view or glimpse of the tallest tower in the world while passing by the Sheikh Zayed Road. 

12. A brag about seeing the Burj Al Arab everyday. =)

13. A road that gives you the view of the world's most exquisite and amazing sky diggers. 

14. A radio station that serves melodious arabic music early in the morning. <3

15. A medieval shopping spree but it ends up in nothing because all of it is available in india anyway. :|

16. A list of frozen food materials and canned tuna fishes. 

17. A place where people call the money Dirhams (Rupees) and Fils (Paise). 

18. A hint of trying to convert the price into indian amount all the frickin' time. 

19. A doubt of having rains on viewing a bunch of dark cloudy chunks in the sky. 

20. A sandstorm effect that reminds me that I'm in a city built on a desert. <3 

But then again, I can go on and on about dubai. It's just not enough. 


Oops, sorry. 


Sorry, again.


I must stop. :| 

That's it. It's official. I love you, you damn amazing luxurious polished gulf country. I've to sign off to my own land now. Will you welcome me again when I come back to pay you a visit? ;) 

My future visiting places: ATLANTIS <3

There's more but that depends on how much I earn. :| 

Who am I kidding?

I belong to blogger. Even though I tried switching to wordpress, I'll keep that one for personal rant and stuff. 

Wait, I rant here too right? 

I missed iThoughts and I'll make sure I bring it back to all of you. 

Alright, so let's get the show started.