Getting rid of glasses - not so easy :|

This time I'll tell you the story of why how I got glasses. I remember I was at my elder cousin sister's place, just looking around here and there. In the background, my mom and my cousin were talking about the new pair of glasses she just got. I remember running back and asking her if I can try them on. She asked me not to as it is not great. Back then I did not have glasses and I wanted to be a girl with specs. I STILL DON'T KNOW WHY! I always thought they looked pretty cool. Now, I know that only some chics manage to carry them off very well. And I was am definitely not one of them.

Anyways, as I tried on her glasses, I kept looking at the walls and stuff, perhaps even at the wall clock and surprisingly I could see everything a bit clearly. A bit might be lying! I could actually see things clearly. Right there, it was a weird indication that I needed glasses too :s But somehow didn't mention anything to my mother.

After that, I had this test in class and I ended up getting the lowest marks in the entire batch. When my teacher showed me my paper, she pointed out that I had copied the questions wrong!

By that time, my parents were convinced that something's wrong with my eye. No, wait, that was the only time they were convinced :|

Finally, went to the doc -- suggested that I should have gone to him earlier because I'm late and my power has increased.

So this argument started on whether I should try on lenses or glasses. Then my dad and the doc got into a big stupid fight about how lenses are all about marketing and stuff. In the end, I had to get those damn glasses.

In college, I tried getting lenses by performing really well in one sem (yes, that was the condition!). So I did! But by that time I lost the interest in trying them on because it felt very regular. Everyone was using it. So I switched back to glasses.

So you see this lens-glass-lens-glass cycle is kinda irritating. And now my friends tell me that I look better without glasses. Ofcourse, I know I look better without them. It's not like I chose to look stupid. It's a need or else I may end up tripping on the stairs and stuff. Yeah, my eyes do get that blurry :(

But now I've decided that I'll get lenses only when I earn so that my parents don't get to crib about it too. BTW, my friends did suggest me the laser-eye operation thingie and it scared the creep outta me. So yeah, I'm sticking to lenses (for the future). Glasses ( for now ) :|

You'll prolly get to see the before and after shot after I get the lenses. :P

Mom and Dad - This one's for you. :)

I have always been writing about my life and how things are going on with me. For once I want to dedicate a post to my parents -- the ones who always have been providing me with unconditional love no matter what I do or how I am as a person. If they ever stumble upon this blog of mine, they'll hopefully read this post. Let alone the fact that my other posts are going to scare the hell out of them. Ofcourse, they might be surprised that they don't know a lot about me but blogger does and my readers do.

I remember the times when I used to get fed up at home during vacations. I wasn't allowed to hang out with my friends or go out for a party or anything since I was brought up in a typical orthodox family setup. But the best part was that I was used to it and I never cribbed much about it. Infact, I enjoyed staying with my parents. Why? Because I had the internet. I used to masquerade being the nice daughter who used to stay at home all day and not even complain about missing the outside world, but actually I could find everything online which I wanted to see outside my home.

I could find people to talk to. 

I could watch online shows (tv series).

I used to create and delete like I don't know what? A thousand accounts or blogs.

I used to play games!

Well, you get the gist. 

I do regret those days when I used to be stuck in my room with my door closed just gazing into the screen for something/someone interesting. There were times when my mother used to knock in and ask me to join for lunch/dinner. My dad used to return from the office and I never bothered asking him how his day was. Not that he cared or anything but still..

My mother used to alone all day at home when I had college. My dad used to be in office. I used to dread thinking about how lonely her life is. Since we live abroad, she never had too many friendly neighbors to talk to. Neither could she make any international calls and chat with her relatives for hours. I never cared about how bored she was and inspite of all that she still woke up early in the morning just to make us a nice breakfast and send me and my dad off to a happy day. She still cared.

It hit me one morning when I was standing outside waiting for my college bus to arrive and saw my mother waving at me. She used to wait all day till evening for our arrival. 

That day it choked me. I made a promise to myself to always have a talk with her daily no matter how many no. of assignments I have. Always made it a point to join her and watch those sleezy tv serials even when I didn't enjoy it. But it meant a lot to her. I even convinced my father to give her company during dinner time so that we all can have a fight over the remote as to who'll be watching what. 

One day she sat me down and told me that those little moments during dinner and while watching the tv together is what she waits for the whole day. It made me cry inside. Made me realize that we were so self involved. But is this how we should treat the mothers who aren't working? Sure they'll find hobbies by themselves but we need to give them time. They are our mothers afterall. :) In the end of my busy busy day, if it wasn't for mom, I'd not be able to plan my next day. She always keeps everything ready. And I have stopped taking her for granted so I go out to help her once in a while. 

Now, I'm not with her. I'm doing my masters and my parents are away in a different country. But I make it a point to call them up every week atleast twice. And I even promised my father that I'll return every penny of the phone calls made to them after I start earning but won't give up on keeping in touch.  :D
It matters a lot -- not only to my mom or dad but to me too.

Never be too busy to care for your parents. 

I am too busy to care, but want to do something. Jaago Re and are helping me do my bit for the society.