Judge yourself instead of being judged by others

I hate it when that happens. When I'm serious, people ask me to stop taking tension and be cool. When I actually play it cool, people ask me to grow up and be serious in life. Lesson? People always talk but you do what you wanna do! 

Sounds kinda brutally stupid, doesn't it? I say if you wanna break that gate of your pathetic neighbors, go do it. If you really wanna go tell your ex girlfriend that she's with a wimp, go tell her. Why think of consequences then? What's the worst thing that can happen? People would consider you rude or a horrible person? Well, big surprise, they'd consider that you are one ten or twenty years down the line anyway. All it will take is one stupid action from your side. That's gonna be the day when they'll forget all the good deeds you've done. Hence, screw the Mr. Goody Shoes in you and do what you want. It's a short life and you may end up being someone else just for pleasing others instead of being yourself and that's just plain stupid. Sure, a little bit of adjustment here and there to accommodate people in your life is always better but don'\t overdo it. Don't be completely ignoring the innate yourself just so that others like you better. If they cannot deal with who you are or how are you then screw them. It's better to survive alone than to survive with people constantly judging you or telling you what you should be and what you shouldn't be.

Honestly, you know the best what you are doing or the kind of person you are. I mean c'mon, don't tell me that you do something horribly wrong and think you did a great job. It may not be a quick realization sometimes but you do learn it eventually, don't you? So why wait for others to tell you or let them change you beforehand? Be your own boss.

Look at dogs for a minute. Let's take a bloody second and look at dogs! Now, what's wrong with them? Nothing. They go lick everybody. They go growl at every person. They are happy with a bone and they don't care if a big fat alligator or a baby threw the bone at them. What I'm trying to say is if dogs can be themselves and what they are then so should humans. They don't change their characteristics or nature. All they do is adjust themselves around us. How? Adjust themselves with the food we provide them. Adjust themselves with the crappy names we give them. Adjust themselves with the priority we give them. They get sad too. They are unable to express it and that's why we take them for granted. Does that mean they care such a great deal about it? They forget it the very next moment they see you and come and lick your face off! 

So for the sake of hecks, care but don't overdo it because you'll be termed as a dinkus in the end or treated like dog-shit someday. Don't forget yourself or who you are. It's just not worth anyone in this world.

I posted some crap after a long time because I was frustrated with myself and not with this blog or life in general. Can't I rant? I don't care if you guys think I'm too whiny. That's how I am. But I do care that you guys care to read this space.